2534 Presence

If you want a presence in burgeoning Northern Colorado, you want to be at its epicenter-at the intersection of I-25 and Highway 34. 2534 offers easy access to both a regional customer base and work force. The region has burgeoned in the past decade, with an annual population growth rate of 3.5%.

The population within a 30 mile radius of 2534 is more than 656,100 and includes the communities of Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, Johnstown, Longmont, Berthoud, and Loveland. The median age is approximately 32. The average household income is $72,380.

We invite you to learn more about 2534 and how we can help you capture Colorado north.

The development review process at 2534 is streamlined allowing end users at the site to receive necessary approvals to start construction in a matter of months rather than years. The 2534 Design Review Committee reviews each submittal to be sure the applicant has met the requirements of the 2534 Design Guidelines and is of a high quality.

After approval by the 2534 Design Review Committee the project is forwarded to the town for review and approval.  Approvals needed for development at the site are at an administrative level with a 45 day limit on the town staff to review the proposal and return a decision or comments. The development review process has been applied to a number of projects and has resulted in high quality projects with the fastest review time in the region.